Rampant Rooster Morris was formed in Dorking in 1993 “to dance, have fun and to entertain” while maintaining as high a standard as possible in performance.  We have pursued these aims enthusiastically through the years and in 2014 we are celebrating our 21st birthday as a friendly and lively group with an infectious delight in dancing the best that we can.

We are a mixed morris side based firmly in the Cotswold tradition but with a good number of Border dances (from the counties bordering Wales) in our repertoire to provide additional colour and swirling, strong movement.   Our musicians accompany the dancing with traditional and contemporary tunes played on an interesting array of instruments.   To mark our birthday year we shall be introducing a new, Dorking “tradition” of dance.

We perform at least once a week during the summer season, usually on a Tuesday evening, but also at weekends at festivals, fetes, shows and any event which requires our lively and joyful display.   During the winter we perform occasionally on special days (e.g. Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, and St George’s Day) but mostly we practice hard to improve our dancing, to train new dancers and to learn new repertoire, traditional and contemporary. 

If you would like to dance with us, or to book us for your special occasion we would be delighted to hear from you.  Please contact bag@rampantroostermorris.co.uk to discuss your requirements.

Rampant Rooster Morris